Fotos: Achim Hatzius

    Artek – Exhibition at the Murkudis Store Berlin

    For the opening of Artek’s new Berlin store in the former Tagesspiegel building, Artek used the neighbouring Murkudis store where they created a typically avant-garde exhibition. The design by Meiré and Meiré for the Artek exhibition was a homage to the psychedelic graphics of the 1970s. Hypnotically rotating circular discs welcomed visitors at the entrance and continued as a leitmotif throughout the entire exhibition. The manufacture, installation and especially the meticulously choreographed control of the discs with interdependent rotational speeds represented a welcome challenge for the kubix team.

    Client: Artek
    Agency: Meiré and Meiré
    Our role: Project implementation planning, detailed design, construction information and construction of the installation
    Location: Andreas Murkudis Store, Berlin