Bauhaus Museum Dessau

    The permanent exhibition “Bauhaus experimental site. The Collection” tells the story of the famous design school in Dessau. It describes the Bauhaus school as a lively place where people learned and taught, experimented artistically and worked on industrial prototypes. With around 49,000 objects, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation’s collection is the second largest collection of Bauhaus worldwide. It shows the struggle they had to make art and design socially relevant.

    The museum’s new building is the yardstick and framework for modern interactive communication in three spatial zones. The scenes within these zones respond precisely to the surrounding architecture, the concept of the museum and the requirements of the collection.

    Client: Foundation Bauhaus Dessau
    Scenography: Chezweitz GmbH
    Our role: Build methodology and on site completion
    Location: Bauhaus Museum Dessau