DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum

    What are the key characteristics of a modern event and exhibition space? For many years the Volkswagen Group has put its trust in kubix as both a ‘sparring partner’ and as a service provider for the realisation of its live presentations. As an expert in retail and exhibition design and planning and with substantial knowledge of the VW brand world, we took on the job of planning the fit-out of the group’s almost 2,000m2 showroom in the heart of the German capital, which included exhibition space, a shop and a restaurant.

    From acoustic wall design, to an interactive LED-wall in the main exhibition space to integrated, automatic motorised stage doors – DRIVE has given Berlin a cutting edge exhibition and event space and Volkswagen a very convincing brand presence.

    Client: Christoph Mäckler Architekten
    Our role: Managing and delivering the fit-out in pre-tender period (LPH phases 1–5) and quality supervision during construction (KOL)
    Location: Unter den Linden/Friedrichstraße, Berlin

    We have also been involved in the following projects within the DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum:

    -> ZEITGEIST – the restaurant within DRIVE
    -> BREAD TIME – the bread factory within DRIVE
    -> The shop  DRIVE shop