Fotos: Hager Group, Jan Bitter

    Hager Forum – Exhibition & Showroom

    The Hager Group is a leading provider of solutions for electronic installations in residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Therefore when it comes to the installation of their permanent in-house exhibition, the highest standards are expected. The result is an exhibition which serves as an international signboard for the group and also represents a kind of lighthouse for the region. Amongst other things kubix created a highly flexible media room with a number of special features as well as a shelving system for the exhibition, whose construction is inspired by the electronic control room at the Hager headquarters.

    Accordingly the Hager Forum was one of the winners of the 2016 German Design Awards.

    Client: Milla & Partner
    Our role: Detailed design, construction information and construction of the exhibition structures and a kinetic wall installation
    Location: Hager Forum Obernai/Alsace